An economic engine for all of Quebec

A major player in the Quebec economy and the North Shore’s largest employer, ArcelorMittal Mining and Infrastructure Canada generates more than 2,500 direct jobs and 8,300 direct, indirect and related jobs*.

Production from our North Shore mines (Mont-Wright and Fire Lake) accounts for over 40% of the total iron ore production of the ArcelorMittal Group, a leading steel producer and one of the five largest iron ore producers in the world.

ArcelorMittal Mining and Infrastructure Canada is an essential link in the entire steel production chain, both in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

The benefits of our presence in Quebec are considerable. Each year, we spend about $1.25 billion in Quebec and contribute $1 billion to Quebec’s GDP. We work with more than 100 suppliers of goods and services on the North Shore and, in 2020, we paid $234 million in mining royalties to the Québec government.

*Independent study conducted by E&B Data.
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