An iron ore recognized worldwide for its quality

ArcelorMittal Mining Canada G.P. (AMEM) produces more than 26 million tonnes of iron ore concentrate annually, of which more than 10 million tonnes are processed into iron oxide pellets.

The company is one of Canada’s largest suppliers of iron ore products to the domestic and global steel markets. It sells its concentrates and pellets in Europe, America and Asia.

AMEM’s products have outstanding chemical and physical properties and are recognized by steelmakers around the world. Thanks to the flexibility of its concentration and pelletizing processes, the company can adapt its production to the specific demands of its customers.

To ensure the quality of its products, AMEM relies on the commitment of its employees and on the ISO 9001 quality management system. Continuous improvement of products, processes and procedures allows us to ensure, on a regular basis, a near-perfect compliance to steelmakers.

The company mainly supplies its concentrates and pellets to steel mills that cast steel into plates, bars or billets.These products are in turn shaped into various forms: rails, structures, sheets, welding wire, etc.

Cutlery, motor vehicles, hammers, bicycles, and even computers contain steel, a material made from iron ore products like the ones we produce.

At the end of the processing chain, a host of consumer goods containing iron end up in the places we go and the things we handle every day. So there’s probably a little bit of us at home!

Did you know?

  • Our Mont-Wright and Fire Lake deposits are rich in specularite and low in magnetite, alumina and titanium.
  • The alternation of the ore bands with the quartz facilitates the concentration through a gravimetric system located in our concentrator.
  • A major feature of these deposits is the complexity of the folds that result in large ore bands that are easily mined due to their proximity to the surface.
  • The Mont-Wright mine is the largest open pit iron ore mine in Canada and its size allows for great operational flexibility. This facilitates the blending of iron ore to achieve the concentrate quality required by our customers.
  • The presence of iron ore bands of various ages and compositions, of auxiliary deposits and the possibility of mining several pits at the same time are major advantages.
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